Script: Monty’s Kitchen

Script: Monty’s Kitchen

Monty’s Kitchen is a new restaurant that brings you authentic Italian food like never before. You think you like Italian? You don’t know Italian until you’ve eaten at Monty’s.

Voice 1: Centre stage is the theatre kitchen where you can see our chefs preparing all our tasty dishes. Watch how our expert chefs make pasta and pizza from scratch before your very eyes. Nothing about the food we serve at Monty’s is hidden. It’s all there for you to see and it will make your mouth water. 

Voice 2: We keep things simple and fresh at Monty’s. You won’t find a freezer anywhere on the premises. And we put all your favourite choices literally at your fingertips, - to order, you tap your selections on the digital menu at one of our ordering stations, and your dish will be ready for you in moments.

Voice 1: Food is the new art, and you can be super-creative at Monty’s. Combine familiar ingredients in new ways to make something special. To help you show off your creative genius, Monty’s offers a few suggestions, but it’s really up to you. 

Voice 2: We know most people want lunch to be quick so they can get on their way. But at dinner it’s time to relax. After 6pm you can enjoy table service. Sit down, take it easy and we’ll bring your food to you.

Voice 1: And what are those white squares on each table? They charge your phone quickly without wires or plugs, so you don’t have to worry about low battery. You’re never out of touch at Monty’s. Did we mention the free wi-fi? 

Voice 2: Are you feeling a bit parched? You can, of course, order your favourite drinks to go with your food, but you can also get a glass of cool fresh water with our compliments from the water station.

Voice 1: Before you pick up that first slice of delicious pizza, make sure you wash your hands at our clever water-free hand-washing station.

Voice 2: No Italian restaurant can call itself ‘Italian’ if it doesn't serve top-notch coffee and follow the latest coffee trends from Italy. We serve a variety of blends to enjoy at the end of your meal - or to take away. Our house blend is made from a hundred per cent Arabica beans and delivers a little tang of orange, lemon and chocolate. The perfect end to your Italian dining experience at Monty’s. See you soon. Arrivederci!



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