Script: Cold feet

Script: Cold feet

As well as its literal meaning, ‘to get cold feet' means you are feeling a bit nervous or worried about something you have agreed or planned to do. Donna and Maggie. Both of them have got cold feet about something. What are they nervous about?

Ben: So Donna, when do you actually move to London? Have you got a date yet?

Donna: The fifteenth of next month. That means I'll have four days to settle in before I start work.

Ben: But your company's already found you a flat, haven't they?

Donna: Yes. My accommodation's already sorted. It's a half-hour Tube journey to the office, so that's good. It's near a park too, so I'll be able to go jogging in nice surroundings -  a bit different from the street jogging I do here!

Ben:I'm very excited for you. It's the chance of a lifetime. I wish my company had offices abroad. I would go like a shot if I was offered the chance to work in America or the UK.

Donna: Would you really? Well, I must admit I’m getting cold feet.

Ben: What about? You got a job lined up and your accommodation is sorted. What are you worried about?

Donna: The whole thing. Whether I’m doing the right thing or not. I’ve signed a document saying I will stay at least a year. What happens if I can’t settle? You know I’ve never even been abroad before. This will be my first trip out of Hong Kong.

Ben: You’ve nothing to be nervous about. It’s going to be brilliant, you’ll have a great time. It's natural to be a bit nervous, but you'll be fine. Just don't forget your friends back home when you get there. Tell us about everything you get up to.

Maggie: Hi, Ben. I haven’t seen you for ages. What have you been up to?

Ben: Nothing much. It’s you who has been doing exciting stuff. When are you moving into your own flat? You said everything was almost sorted out the last time I saw you.

Maggie: I haven't got a date yet, but everything's coming along okay.

Ben:You must be looking forward to moving.

Maggie: I suppose so.

Ben: Suppose so?

Maggie: I’ve been getting cold feet these past few weeks. It’s a big deal. My mother has been going on about how my having a place of my own is a waste of money. She hasn't exactly said this but I feel she doesn’t want me to move out.

Ben: Of course she doesn’t. She’s afraid of feeling lonely. How many years is it since your dad died?

Maggie: Five years. I was only 19.

Ben: She will be scared of being on her own. But she shouldn't make you feel bad about getting your own place.

Maggie: She just keeps going on about the expense of it all. I went looking for furniture last weekend and she didn't speak to me for two days. She was in such a bad mood.

Ben: Don’t get cold feet. You are definitely doing the right thing. You have a good job with an excellent salary and you should get on the property ladder -  it isn't as if you were moving to Europe or something. You’re only going to the next building. Don’t worry, she’ll come around.



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