Script: St charlotte's news

Script: St charlotte's news

Elaine and Thomas would like to welcome you to the first online audio edition of the Saint Charlotte's Secondary School Student News

Elaine: Hello, listeners! Thomas and I would like to welcome you to the first online audio edition of the Saint Charlotte’s Secondary School Student News. The printed version of the S.C.S.S.S.N. has been successfully appearing once a term for the past twelve years, and is very much part of our school’s life and culture. But now it is time to try something different.

Thomas: Elaine and I have been co-editors of the S.C.S.S.S.N. for the past two years, and we are very proud to be bringing our wonderful school magazine into the digital age. This first audio edition is very much an experiment, and we need you to tell us what you think. Is this the way forward?

Elaine: We’d love to hear your opinions and ideas. For the next three weeks, there will be a ‘Tell Us What You Think’ page on the school’s website. Please use it. This is your news magazine. What have we got right and what have we got wrong in this first audio edition?

Thomas: This podcast has been compiled by the school’s Reporters Club. We have included a variety of topics such as music, sport, food and entertainment, as well as school news. The Reporters Club has put a lot of time  and effort into these articles and we hope you enjoy listening to them.

Elaine: Here is a little taster of what we want to share with you.

Thomas: One of the school’s ex-pupils is the box office manager of a cinema in Tsim Sha Tsui. She talks about the exciting movies that we will be able to see in Hong Kong during the next few months. She also talks about her job and tells us why she enjoys it so much.

Elaine: Ms Chan, the Head of the English Panel, spent a month last summer visiting her brother in the English city of Manchester. Hee brother is a great fan of Manchester  United Football Club, and he took Ms Chan to see a match. Ms C wasn't at all interested in football before this visit. Now she is a great fan. What happened? Ms Chan tells us all about her new love for Man U.

Thomas: Did you know that Form 5D are organising a charity fun run next month? What’s that all about? Who can take part? Jenna and John from 5D tell you all about this exciting and worthwhile event.

Elaine: You might have heard on the grapevine that the school Drama Club is planning something very different for next year. St Charlotte’s is going to put on their very first musical! With all the talent we have in school, it’s about time. The club has chosen the famous musical ‘Oliver’, a show packed with cool tunes, great dancing and excitement. George, the president of the Drama Club, gives us some background information about the show, describes the characters, and tells you what to do if you want to audition for a part or get involved in any other way.

Thomas: So, that’s what’s coming up. Let’s get on with the show!

Elaine: And this is the first audio edition of your news!



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