Script: Watch this space

Script: Watch this space

Read two conversations in which friends talk about exciting future plans.

Conversation one

Jess: Brian! Guess what I've just bought!

Brian: Easy. I know that new mobile phone you wanted was released at midnight last night. Did you queue up all night to get one like you did last year? You must have money to burn, Jess. And from what I've read there is very little difference between this new one and the last model.

Jess: Wrong! Something much more interesting than a mobile phone!

Brian: Wait, what? But you’re joined at the hip to your mobile phone!

Jess: I admit I’d been saving up to buy this new phone when it came out, but last week I changed my mind and decided to buy something else. Something I've wanted for ages but never got round to buying.

Brian: Go on! I'm all ears.

Jess: I've bought a guitar. Not an electric guitar: a real Spanish classical guitar.

Brian: What?

Jess: I've always wanted to play the guitar and now is the time for me to start. I've already booked six lessons.

Brian: You'll get bored after that and stick the guitar in a cupboard somewhere.

Jess: No, I won't. You just wait. I've set myself a target. I intend to be able to play all the pieces in this book in six months time. Watch this space!

Conversation two

Adele: I’m really looking forward to coming round to your place for dinner tomorrow night, Kirsty.

Kirsty: Well, I’ll be cooking the usual. Something Italian. I think it will be spaghetti with beef and tomato sauce.

Adele: Yum! Your signature dish. And my favourite. I went out at the weekend to a new Italian restaurant in Causeway Bay that got good reviews on Open Rice, and I ordered pasta with beef and tomato sauce. It was expensive and it wasn't a patch on yours.

Kirsty: Ah, but Adele, remember, mine is a secret, secret recipe that a friend in Italy gave me years ago. It was her grandma's recipe. Oh, I’m going to be doing things a bit differently soon. A change for the better, I think.

Adele: Oh, What are you going to do!

Kirsty: You know I always buy the best quality organic tomatoes, right? Tomatoes are so important in Italian cooking. Well, I have decided to stop buying tomatoes from the market or the supermarket - and grow my own. 

Adele: Grow your own? How are you going to do that?

Kirsty: I have spoken to the management of the building where I live and they have given me permission to grow them on the roof. I’ve had some wooden boxes made, which I’m going to fill with good organic compost and then grow the tomatoes plants from seed. I’ve got it all worked out.

Adele: But you are useless with plants. Remember that Japanese bonsai you bought from Prince Edward Flower Market last year. You paid a lot for that and it was dead within a month.

Kirsty: Yes, I know I don’t have a good track record with plants. But this is going to be different. In a few months, you will be enjoying tomato sauce made from my own home-grown tomatoes. Watch this space!



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