Script: My daily schedule

Script: My daily schedule

Vicky Tan is a veterinary nurse. She works for a vet who has a practice in Shau Kei Wan. Listen to Vicky talking about her weekday work schedule to a group of friends and then answer the questions.

Vicky: You know that I work at Shau Kei Wan Vet Clinic? It’s pretty close to where I live. It only takes me ten minutes to walk to work. I’m lucky. I know the four of you have to travel quite a distance by bus and MTR to get to work.

My weekly schedule is a bit complicated because it's different every day. The first thing I have to remember when I wake up is which day of the week it is! I've been working at this practice for three years, and I've only slipped up once. That was last year near Christmas. I showed up at work at half past seven in the morning thinking it was Monday, and it wasn't. It was Tuesday and I didn't have to be there. I fetl so dumb!

On Mondays, I wake up at six thirty and leave for work at a quarter past seven. I start work at half past. The first patient is usually booked in for eight o’clock. Until then, I get the surgery ready and check on any pets that have been left with us over night. Each patient is allotted a thirty-minute consultation. Lunch is twelve thirty to one thirty. I finish at five. The practice is open at night, but another nurse is on duty when I am not working evenings.

On Tuesdays, I don’t go into work until late in the afternoon, so I spend most of the day doing chores around the flat and shopping. I’ve just set up online banking, so that means I don’t have to actually go to the bank in my free time like I used to. On Tuesday, I work from five until nine thirty.

We open the practice early on Wednesdays for people who want to see us before going to work. I set my alarm clock for six, and we open at seven. I finish early on Wednesdays, though, at noon.

My Thursday schedule is the same as Monday. Friday is another early start. I leave the flat at six thirty in the morning and see the last patient at three in the afternoon. It’s great finishing early on a Friday. It gives me a long weekend. The practice is open all day on Saturday and Sunday, but I never work weekends! 


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