Script: Things I like and things I don't like

Script: Things I like and things I don't like

Our likes and dislikes go towards making us the person we are. Sometimes, our likes lead us to meeting other people with similar tastes. On the other hand, our dislikes can lead us into squabbles if we don't watch out. It is wise not to express your dislikes too strongly, so we don't end up in trouble or offend someone. So what do you like?

Jenny:  My name’s Jenny.  I’d like to tell you a little bit about some of the things I like, and then a little bit about some of the things I don't.  First of all, I really enjoy physical exercise of any kind.  No matter what time I get up in the morning, I always begin my day with five minutes of exercise. I never miss a day. 

I also swim once a week.  If I have time on Saturday morning, I go to the beach to swim in the sea but if I can’t manage this, I’ll go to a pool one evening during the week.

I also like dancing.  At the moment I attend a salsa class on Thursday evenings after school.  Do you know what salsa is?  It’s a very fast South American dance that involves a lot of rhythm and shaking your body.  I always go home very tired after my salsa class.

I am claustrophobic , so I don't like travelling in the back of a car - if I’m a passenger in a car, I have to sit in the front.  I don’t like rude people. I think it is important that people say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, and don’t push or shove.   And don’t laugh … but I don’t like wearing trousers.  My legs aren't long enough to wear trousers.  I think they make me look like a Hobbit, so I always stick to skirts or dresses.

Joe: I’m Joe.  I don’t have any strong likes or dislikes. I’m very easygoing, really. Does that make me sound boring?  I hope not.  One thing I do like is meeting new people.  I like to find out about different ways of life, where people are from and what they think.  I’m a good mixer. 

And I really like animals, especially dogs, cats and horses.  I’m a member of an equestrian club and am learning to ride.  The lessons are so expensive!  I also do volunteer dog-walking for a dog rescue charity at the weekend.  The only problem is that I always want to bring all the dogs home with me. 

When I was little, I always tried to talk my mum and dad into letting me get a puppy, but they never did.  They said having a dog was not fair because we lived in a small flat.  But now I’m about to buy my own place, so I will most certainly get a dog as soon as I’ve settled down.  

Now, what don’t I like?  I really hate waiting.  Sometimes I’m not very patient and I like to hurry things along.  I would never wait in line for a seat in a restaurant or to go into a shop. People queuing up to buy the latest phone? What a waste of time!  Come off it!  Life is too short to wait in a queue for anything …… unless you really have to.  


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