Script: Overheard in the coffee shop

Script: Overheard in the coffee shop

Be careful if you are having a private conversation with a friend. Don't talk too loudly - someone nearby might be listening to every word you say. Listen to these two conversations which were overheard in a coffee shop.

Conversation one

Male: I don’t know what to do about it. I think he’s stressed.

Female: Is it a he?

Male: Well, he was already called George when I got him. My cousin moved to Shanghai just over a month ago because of her job and didn't want to take him with her. So she gave him to me.

Female: Why do you think he is suffering from stress?

Male:Well, he is very active normally. He swims around at top speed. But every time I change his water, he just remains still for such a long time. Then he swims around very slowly. I think he gets stressed each time I clean his bowl, which I do every week. I think I’m going to take him to see a vet if this continues.

Female:You’re pulling my leg! Vets are expensive. They would laugh at you if you took George to the vet and told them you thought he was stressed.

Male: What else can I do? I don’t like the idea of George being stressed and unhappy.

Female: If you really are asking my advice, I think you should stop worrying about this. You are being a bit foolish, honestly.

Male: Well, you are not an animal person, I know that. You don’t understand the connection a person can have with his pet. I have to look after George as best I can and care for him.  I have a responsibility.

Female: I appreciate all that. But George is a ………! Oh, never mind. Let’s talk about  something else.

Conversation two

Male: I’m feeling very pleased with myself. I ran 15 kilometres last night. And that was the second time I’ve been out running this week.

Female: Good for you!

Male: I’m doing a half-marathon in three weeks’ time and I must prepare.

Female:What’s with the bandage round your wrist? Did you fall over?

Male: Urgh, yeah. It happened last night.

Female: What happened?

Male: It wasn’t my fault. I was just jogging along, minding my own business listening to Adele.

Female: Wait, who? Someone was running with you?

Male: What? No. I was on my own.

Female: But you said you were listening to Adele. Who’s she?

Male: Sorry? Oh….. Adele!  You must know her! That English singer. She’s got a new album and I was listening to that. I love downloading new stuff to listen to on my runs. And Adele’s new stuff is awesome.

Female: Never heard of her. Anyway, go on.

Male: Suddenly this woman jogger overtook me. I hadn’t heard anyone coming up behind me. She had a snappy little dog on a lead. The dog started to bark at me as she ran past. I thought it was going to bite my ankle. I was taken totally by surprise. I stumbled and fell over, sticking out my hand to break my fall. And I twisted my wrist.

Female: What did the woman do?

Male: She just continued running, pulling the silly dog behind her. She didn't even look back. By the time I’d picked myself up, she had vanished. No apology. No asking if I was okay. Just charming.


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