Script: Break a leg

Script: Break a leg

If a friend texts you “Break a leg” just before an important exam, don’t be shocked. The expression actually means good luck.

Conversation one

Rose: Hi Emma. What time is your piano exam on Thursday? Have you been practising a lot?

Emma: It isn't on Thursday, Rose! It's tomorrow. Three o'clock in the afternoon. I've been practising for two hours every evening this past week. But I enjoy playing so that's all right. I really want to do well in this exam.

Rose: You’ll be fine. You're a good pianist so you'll pass with flying colours.

Emma: Don't be so sure! I didn't do brilliantly in my Grade Five last year. My teacher said I would get a distinction, but I didn't. It was the sight-reading piece that let me down. I made a real mess of that.

Rose: A sight-reading piece? What’s that?

Emma: It's a piece of music you haven't seen before and so haven't had a chance to practise. The examiner just puts it in front of you and you have to play it immediately.

Rose: But you’re a good player!

Emma: Yes, but I get nervous in exams. The Grade Five unseen piece wasn’t all that difficult but I played a lot of wrong notes because of nerves, not because I couldn’t play it. Anyway, I don’t want to think about that.

Rose: So you’ll be practising all tonight? I was going to ask you if you wanted to go to the cinema.

Emma: No problem! I’ve made up my mind just to practice my usual twenty minutes tonight. Then I’ll do half an hour in the morning, and that will be it. Which film do you want to see?

Rose: Let’s check now what’s on. Hope everything goes well tomorrow. Break a leg!

Conversation two

Jack: When’s the big day then? Have you heard yet?

Victoria: The big day? And what big day is that?

Jack: You know very well! The most important day of your life, so far. Have you heard when you’re taking your driving test?

Victoria: I have. But I don’t think I’m going to tell you. I’m telling no one, then I will surprise everyone when I say ‘I’ve passed’.

Jack: I passed the first time, you know.

Victoria: You never stop telling us that. But your dad had paid for a hundred lessons for you before you took the test.

Jack: I had ten lessons, not a hundred. The examiner said I was a natural driver.

Victoria: But you crashed your car into a wall the week after you took your test.

Jack: It wasn’t my fault.

Victoria: Whose fault was it then? The wall’s? There was no other vehicle involved.

Jack: It was only a small accident anyway. I’m a very good driver.

Victoria: Of course you are! What tips can you give me so I pass my test the first time like you?

Jack: Keep calm, use your driving mirrors all the time - examiners like that - and don’t run over any old ladies.

Victoria: Ha ha! Very funny.

Jack: And let’s hope it doesn’t rain on the day of your test. Wet roads are horrible to drive on. Break a leg! And I’m sure you’ll have good news for us!


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