Script: Who killed Lord Black?

Script: Who killed Lord Black?

Brian’s volunteered to organise a special night out for his fellow students. He calls a company that he thinks could help.

Brian: Good morning. I am trying to organise an end of term party for my classmates, after our final university exams. I saw an advert for your company, and I thought it might be fun. Can you tell me a bit about your Mystery Murder Evenings and what you do?

Beth: Sure! As you know, we're called 'Murder Most Foul', and we've been organising murder mystery events for more than ten years. We specialise in providing high quality, fun events for all occasions. Whether you're planning a birthday, anniversary or just a special night out with friends, we run a variety of murder mysteries.

Brian: Oh that sounds cool. There would be twelve of us. What do we get if we book with you?

Beth: A dozen is a good number for one of our murder mystery evenings. The evening starts with dinner. We book a private dining room in a hotel. Each of the guests will have been given a character to play. We will also provide costumes for each character. One week before the evening each guest will receive notes on how their character should behave. These, of course, are secret.

Brian: Is anyone from your company present at the evening?

Beth: Yes. One of our people plays one of the characters, too. He or she will keep an eye on things as the evening unfolds.

Brian: Do you select the hotel?

Beth: Yes, we do. And we decorate the private dining room to suit the theme of the mystery you select.

Brian: Which is your most popular murder mystery evening? And would this be suitable for us?

Beth: Our most popular event is ‘Who Killed Lord Black?’. It is a classic that never fails to entertain. Guests sit down to dinner at the home of English aristocrat Lord Black. Before dinner is served, the guests introduce themselves in character. Suddenly, while everyone is enjoying dessert, the lights go down and the dining room is plunged into darkness. There is a loud scream. The lights go up and Lord Black is slumped over the table with a dagger plunged into his back.

Brian: Wah! That sounds exciting!

Beth: One of the guests is Herlock Soames, a famous detective and friend of Lord Black. Soames now takes charge and questions all the guests in the dining room. One of them is lying. One of them is a murderer. Can Soames unmask the killer before someone else is murdered? Soames, Lord Black, and all the guests are all played by you and your friends, apart from the one part taken by someone from our company.

Brian: I’m sure all that would be great fun.

Beth: There are lots of positive reviews about our ‘Who Killed Lord Black?’ evening on our website. But may I say one thing at this point? If you are thinking about booking during the next two months, I would recommend you to do it as soon as possible. This is a very busy time of year for us and and a lot of the dates are already sold out.

Brian: Ok. What should I do if we decide to go ahead?

Beth: You will find a booking form and cost details on our website. You and your friends will have a whale of a time if you book a murder mystery with us. Now, is there anything else I can help you with? 


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