HOW TO READ THE NEWS - SAMPLE ANSWERS: More locals quit HK for a better life [August 22, 2018]

HOW TO READ THE NEWS - SAMPLE ANSWERS: More locals quit HK for a better life [August 22, 2018]

Put off by soaring property prices and stressful jobs, an increasing number of Hongkongers are leaving for places such as New Zealand, Iceland and Taiwan


The number of locals leaving HK hit a five-year high last year.
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Q. What statistic does the first paragraph in the News section cite as evidence of increased migration to other countries?

A. The number of locals leaving for foreign countries.

Q. Which countries have grown in popularity with Hong Kong emigrants?

A. New Zealand, Iceland, and Taiwan

Q. While New Zealand, Iceland, and Taiwan have risen in popularity, which places still top Hongkongers’ immigration wish lists?

A. Australia and Canada.

Q. Give two reasons for people leaving Hong Kong.

A. Hong Kong’s stressful lifestyle, unaffordable housing, high cost of living, lack of political freedom, and a rigid education system.

Q. The number of Chinese migrants entering Hong Kong via a one-way permit suffered a big drop in the past 12 months. What problem could the trend of more locals leaving and fewer migrants arriving cause?

A. The entire workforce is aging, and with the outflow of emigrations and the slowing of immigrants into the city, Hong Kong will not have enough people left in the workforce to support society.

Q. What was the decrease in the number of Chinese migrants entering Hong Kong in the past 12 months compared to between mid-2016 and mid-2017?

A. It decreased by about 14,700 since between mid-2016 and mid-2017.

Q. Aside from the reasons given in the article, why do you think Hongkongers might want to move away from the city?

A. Other cities, though they might not offer jobs with as much money or compensation, have a better quality of life elsewhere. Hong Kong doesn’t seem to have much in way of owning flats or building a family.

Q. Why are places such as Canada, Australia, and Britain still the top choices among many Hongkongers?

A. Because Hong Kong is a former crown colony, many Hongkongers decided to immigrate to other countries within the Commonwealth, such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The systems are more similar than places like the United States.

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
More locals quit HK for a better life


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