HIGHER REACHES ANSWERS: Bennet Omalu [September 20, 2016]

HIGHER REACHES ANSWERS: Bennet Omalu [September 20, 2016]

1. He discovered that American football players could suffer from a brain disorder previously found only in boxers. / His medical research put him on bad terms with one of America’s most powerful institutions, the NFL.

2. in disagreement with/on bad terms with

3. He was very hard-working and determined.

4. i) F     ii) F      iii) NG      iv) T

5. He did not like the decisions the new Nigerian government was making/He did not like the new Nigerian government.

6. Amassed

7. American football can be dangerous and players can suffer head injuries that could kill them.

8. B

9. Omalu believed the NFL would be interested in what he had learned about C.T.E, but they said his findings were "completely wrong" and "a failure".

10. 2, 4, 1, 3


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