JUST READ IT ANSWERS: Ans Botha [September 7, 2016]

JUST READ IT ANSWERS: Ans Botha [September 7, 2016]

The 74-year-old who coached Wayde van Niekerk to 400m gold


1.‘Smashed’ in paragraph 1 means that Michael Johnson’s 400m record has finally been ________________ after 17 years.

2.Why was Wayde van Niekerk’s win a historic victory?


3.When someone has the ‘prescience’ to do something, it means that they are having the ….





4.Why is it an ‘astonishing’ run for Van Niekerk?


5.Based on the information given from paragraphs 6-8, decide if the following statements are True, False or the information is Not Given. Blacken ONE circle only for each statement.

Statements   T              F              NG

i)Officials knew that Botha was coach to Van Niekerk.

ii)Van Niekerk was the greatest athlete of all time.

iii)The South African team officials helped Niekerk and Botha

to meet each other.

6.In which year did Niekerk invite Botha to be his coach?


7.Which phrase in paragraphs 9-10 shows that Niekerk’s performance improved greatly under the guidance of Botha?


8.What is the philosophy of Botha in training her athletes?


9.Find one quotation from paragraphs 13-15 that well fits her philosophy in question 8.


10.The best possible alternative title of the passage would be …

A.Ans Botha, too old to be the coach

B.Wayde van Niekerk, an incredible sprinter

C.Botha and Niekerk: the perfect combination

D.Botha: no plan to retire



2.It was the first Olympic gold for a South African sprinter for almost a century.


4.Niekerk took the Olympic gold and even smashed Michael Johnson’s 17-year record.

5.i) F

ii) NG

iii ) T


7.flourished under her tutelage

8.She trains her athletes with discipline as well as a caring approach

9.“I dearly love all my athletes but it’s about being strict.”

10. C


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