HIGHER REACHES ANSWERS: Airpocalypse [Sep 6, 2016]

HIGHER REACHES ANSWERS: Airpocalypse [Sep 6, 2016]

Expats flee New Delhi, where smog is even worse than Beijing’s

1. Expatriates who are living and working in New Delhi.

2. It means that Summers had decided to leave the city and returned home.

3. in great numbers

4. i) NG     ii) F    iii) T

5. i) likes / enjoys

ii) life / air

iii ) frustrating

6. i) fumes from cars

ii) construction dust

iii ) smoke from brick kilns outside the city

iv ) burning paddy stubble by rice farmers

7. of the relationship she is in in New Delhi/because she is in a relationship

8. Hold workshops in schools to ensure that children are more aware

9. alleviate

10. i) measures

ii) not

iii ) increase

iv ) restriction

v ) time / period


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