Talking Points: what’s the best thing to do this summer?

Talking Points: what’s the best thing to do this summer?

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Ernest Leung Lok-hang, 17, La Salle College

Finding an internship or a part-time job is always a great thing to do in summer. In fact, you could work as a cadet at Young Post, which is a great idea. Alternatively, you could get a job at a local fashion store or become a tutor. The younger generation is often criticised as irresponsible and immature, so maybe it’s time for us to learn to take some responsibility. What’s more, as Education Minister Eddie Ng says, it’s important for students to have solid career plans, and getting a summer job would definitely be a good addition to your CV.

Regina Cheng, 18, Cheung Chuk Shan College

As a cinephile, watching films is an essential part of summer. There is nothing more enjoyable than curling up in an air-conditioned bedroom, and watching a film that involves sunshine and beaches, while having some delicious ice cream. It also makes me feel less guilty about not doing any revision during the summer break; films are always a good alternative to books.

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Henriette Wohlschlaeger, 17, SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School

Summer is definitely not for homework! I use the holidays to meet friends, have fun and enjoy the sun. I believe it is important to distance yourself from your usual daily-life activities and relax after a tough school year. In addition, I love to travel around with my family or friends or simply visit my grandparents who live 300km away from my hometown. And, of course, eating a lot of ice cream is also not a bad idea!

Bobo Or, 17, Workers’ Children Secondary School

I started planning my summer holiday six months ago. After loads of tuition and a lot of supervision, especially from teachers and parents, the time has finally come. My lovely friends and I will go to Shenzhen to celebrate my 18th birthday. We will have a wonderful night. Summer is a wonderful season and I am determined to enjoy it.

Julia Kan, 17, Northfield Mount Hermon School

I think the best way to spend the summer is to learn more about yourself. You have much more free time which can allow you to try new things. And by trying new things, you’ll be able to understand more about what you like or don’t like, and what you want and don’t want. You may find a new favourite restaurant, sport, or a hobby.

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