Arctic Expedition Trip 2011 - The First Day in Greenland

Arctic Expedition Trip 2011 - The First Day in Greenland


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Photo: Jack Wong
We waited for a long time to go to Greenland because the huge amount of sea ice made it impossible for our ship to let us onshore. Therefore, our first day in Greenland was 10th September. We did two landings that day, the first was located in Frederiksdal. We noticed that there were many small plants which proved that many plants could survive in such a harsh living environment. For instance, we found Arctic fellows, knotweed and Arctic harebell there!

Besides that, we also saw 5 musk oxen there but we were not allowed to get close to them due to safety reasons. Although we did a lot of walking and the process was really harsh, it was a great time for us to explore the real Greenland.

At 14:30, we arrived at Martin Karlse and we did a zodiac cruise around to enjoy the strong wind and the lovely icebergs. We saw a huge amount of sea ice and gigantic icebergs. There was a huge iceberg shaped like a palace with many sea caves which impressed most of us. Moreover, we tasted the ice of the Arctic and this was the most memorable thing we did on this zodiac cruise. It was a little bit salty but that was one of the tastes that I won’t forget in my life.

That’s the end of the first day in Greenland and we hope that we can explore more tomorrow!



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