Monthly beauty reviews: January 2016

Monthly beauty reviews: January 2016

The weather may be gloomy, but we're keeping our spirits up by looking good and smelling fine. Team YP road tests all the exciting new beauty products so you don't have to …
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Sofina AUBE couture essence lip colour

Gloopy lipgloss + long hair + windy days = a big no-no. So I was pleasantly surprised with Sofina's new gloss, which is silky and moisturising instead of sticky, and comes in sophisticated metallic packaging. Plus, the shade RD601 - a vintage, dusty rose - suits me perfectly.

Bonus: it didn't act as a hair magnet on a stormy HK day. A grown-up lipgloss I'll be using for some time. It's a keeper!

Lauren James

Revlon Natural Honey Nourishing shower gel

It turns out Revlon isn't just a makeup company - they've branched out into bathing products too. Thanks to the natural healing properties of honey, this is an ultra-moisturising shower gel that's perfect for Hong Kong's dry winter, smells divine, and comes in a massive bottle that lasts ages. The only issue is the way it's dispensed: a pump would have been far less unwieldy. Wet hands and massive bottle aren't the best combo first thing in the morning.

Karly Cox

Benefit Maybe Baby perfume

If you're thinking, "Oh, new scent from Benefit", you'd be wrong.

Maybe Baby, the brand's most iconic perfume, was discontinued some years ago. But it's back now and maybe (baby) that's because it was so loved.

The scent is a tease in a bottle. It smells sweet, musky, girly and flirtatious with notes of white ginger, lychee, and Himalayan poppy. The new bottle design is sleek and looks great on your dresser, and the lingering scent draws compliments wherever you go. Welcome back, Baby.

Heidi Yeung

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

In all the vlog reviews this is described as the miracle matte liquid lipstick that won't dry your lips out.

I'll give it that: unlike so many liquid lipsticks or matte lipsticks, it won't dry out your pout, but it is rather tricky to apply. It's so pigmented you can't really afford to make mistakes, so maybe not a great product for newbies. And while it's super smooth, it takes skill to apply it in an even layer.

Heidi Yeung

Revlon Love is On perfume

A red glass bottle, an overwhelming smell that doesn't last long, and a painfully generic name: this perfume just screams the 90s. It's not that the perfume smells bad exactly, it's just not particularly nice, either. This might be okay to wear to school or when you're just popping out to the shops, but it's not something you'll want other people to smell on you when you're going anywhere special.

Lucy Christie

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