2011 Summer Colours Competition

2011 Summer Colours Competition

Summer is the perfect time to try new things and practise your creative skills. To encourage you to get your creative juices flowing, we are holding a Summer Colours Competition this holiday. And you can start sending your work now. Actually the sooner you send in your work, the more chance you have of getting published!


What kind of artwork and when to submit your entries

We are accepting all kinds of visual art: photographs, collages, paintings, drawings, illustrations, cartoons, etc. Our theme for the summer is colours!

Each Monday over the summer holiday, we will publish some of the best entries. They will also be published on our Facebook page, and readers will be able to vote for their favourite artwork.

Entries are now closed

Please note that the competition is open to 12 to 19 years old living in Hong Kong.


Prizes (for the best entry each week)

1 The best entry each week will receive a fun goodie bag filled with prizes like CDs and books, makeup for girls and movie tickets for the guys.

2 They will also receive a Winter Holiday subscription gift voucher to continue reading Young Post on Sundays and during Christmas 2011, Chinese New Year 2012 and Easter 2012 school holidays.

3 Last but not least, each weekly winner will qualify to attend a photography workshop led by a South China Morning Post photographer. At the workshop, the professional photographer will teach you some of his tricks and share his experience. The workshop will be held on Tuesday, August 30.



Week 1

Best entry: Summer Sweet by Crystal Yip, 15
When I hear the word "summer", I immediately think of a bright sunny day. Summer embodies the bright colours that lighten up our lives and bring vitality to our boring days. In my artwork, I want to show that no matter how hot the day is, people can still have fun together under the summer sun.
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Runner-up: Shirley Ho, 18
I took this photo at Hong Kong Park. The colourful feathers of the bird and the juicy fruit it is pecking at remind me of the colourful summer. I thought it would fit the competition's theme perfectly.
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Week 2

Best entry: Juliana Law, 16
I created a colourful sketch of my late parrot in line with the theme of the competition. This drawing will always remind me of the wonderful companion I once had. Rain or shine, it will bring me comfort and I will cherish those memories for a long time to come.
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Runner-up: Siu Yau-king, 14
A crispy golden shell covers smooth, melting cubes of tofu. Topped with sesame, served with sweet and sour sauce, and tinged with that prickly spiciness, the dish is a feast for the eyes and the palate. The energetic red and orange can brighten up your meal. Purple lavender adds beauty. And white? It justs adds elegance. Truly a masterpiece.
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Week 3

Best entry: Florence Lee, 17
I believe that sometimes black-and-white photography can display true colours. Without the use of colour, you can unleash your imagination and do it "your way". That is what colour is about - it's all in the mind.
My entry is a picture of my dog, Fido. He has the most unique doggy smile, and he enjoys staring at the sun outside the window during hot summer days.
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Runner-up: Rene Rashed, 16
This collage of four photos comprises a photo of two young children and three Hong Kong places: Tung Chung, Cheung Chau, and Kiu Tsui. Throughout my journeys around Hong Kong, I've come across many breathtaking sights and colours. The pictures are memories of these adventures.
Colours have a significant impact on people's emotional state. The colours of these pictures are soothing, warm and easy on the eyes. They convey a feeling of calm and peace.
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Week 4

Best entry: Renee Wong, 13
This painting, titled The Miraculous Dawn, represents scenery in Ontario, Canada, just before dawn. I wanted to paint something that people could look at and immediately feel calm, relaxed and peaceful.
I wanted them to be able to hear tree leaves rustling and feel a gentle breeze blowing.
I hope I succeeded so you can enjoy my artwork.
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First runner-up: Nola Yip, 14
The image was created with the help of irregular tessellation. Tessellation is a collection of shapes that fit together to cover a surface without overlapping or leaving gaps.
The word "tessellation" comes from the Latin word tessella, which means small square. Tessellation can be used to decorate walls, floors, tablecloths and fabrics.
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Second runner-up: Ruby Leung, 14
Although this photograph is filled with blues and greys, they are nature's very own. There is a wide range of grey - the sand and the rocks - and a wide range of blue: the sky and the sea. A patch of green - on a densely wooded cliff - stands out, yet somehow blends in the composition.
Just looking at the blue sky makes me happy. What this picture tells me is that you don't need lots of colours to be colourful; the only thing you need is beauty - the beauty of nature.
I used red and blue paper to bring out the contrasts between happy princes (red) and sad princes (blue). Happy and sad princes alternate, creating a regular pattern. They all have different facial expressions and I further distinguished each with different patterns in his hair and crown. \
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Week 5

Best entry: Cindy Suen

I used my favourite vibrant colours in this painting. They remind me of the bright and colourful summer clothes in my wardrobe. Let's dress in vibrant colours this summer!

First runner-up: Eina Gurung

I took this picture during a trip to France. We were walking back to our hotel when we noticed this beautiful sunset. I thought it was enchanting and had a nice contrast of colours. To me, it was the perfect sunset after a hot summer day when the sky is clear.

Second runner-up: Alexander Chuk

Alexander wrote a poem to express the idea behind his artwork.
To a special someone:
Beautiful things are art of nature. Beautiful people are work of art,
Life is beautiful
Can be simple
Can be complex
Appreciate life and
Be thankful for the person you are today


Week 6

Best entry: Joyce Wong, 13

Through this sketched portrait of a young woman, I am trying to reflect the beauty of a summer sunset. Imagine sitting on a beach, staring at the amazing dawn of night; the feeling is simply overwhelming. Now try changing the angle. Enjoy the sunset in another form - with your back to the sunset, and looking at it through someone else's eyes. A direct enjoyment of the sunset may already be overwhelming, but this can be described in only one word - surreal.

Through the eyes of another person, even something as beautiful as a sunset can morph into something even more beautiful.

First runner-up: Lorraine Wong, 13

Although feathers are delicate, they boldly display the boundless beauty of colours that nature brings. In this photo, we can observe the fineness of the feathers. At the same time, the blurred parts allow us to appreciate simply the colours of the feathers. I hope the colours and vividness of this photo would bring life and joy to your summer.

Second runner-up: Kate Ng, 15

This painting shows how I feel every time I think about the hot and exciting summer: I'm smiling secretly. Also, summer is the greatest season to taste luscious flavours, so I have used only red and yellow to show the desire for food, just like what you see each time you enter McDonald's!


Week 7

Best entry: Gabrielle Shamon, 15

This photo was taken in the mountains of Hong Kong on a sunny afternoon in June. The picture really brings out the colours of the sun's rays behind the model - a perfect representation of what this contest's theme is all about: colour.

First runner-up: Claudia Tam, 14

Summer reveals a beautiful and diverse world of vibrancy and hues. It is a time when everything becomes more magical, when you can build sandcastles until the night falls, when you can camp outdoors and count the stars in the sky. This image is only a glimpse of what summer embodies, but such glimpses form the big picture.

Second runner-up: Lucy Lam, 17

Summer is a season full of energy. We long for a vacation because it is the time for us to get rid of academic stress. In this photo, a hot-air balloon with cheerful colours is flying in the blue sky. The wide, blue sky always makes me feel peaceful. Blue is one of the primary colours, and it is my favourite colour!

Third runner-up: Charlotte Chan, 12

When I first heard about the competition, the picture of a perfect ice cream immediately popped into my head. That's why I have designed this vibrant, colourful and fantasy ice cream - the perfect summer treat. I made it mostly out of scrap materials, cutting out old paper and sticking on sequins. I used a variety of different shapes, lines and patterns such as the cone, stickers and background.


Week 8

Best entry: Alex Wong, 17

Colours can sometimes be deceptive. My oil pastel painting depicts an African woman overcoming racial constraints and living each day with flying, vibrant colours. I hope the picture can inspire people to think colours shouldn't be what separate people, but rather what integrate and bring people together.

First runner-up: Minnie Yip, 13

Summer is a time for enjoying what life is really about: to stop pursuing fame, and feel the splendour of life's colours.

To me, the most relaxing thing to do in summer is to have a walk in the countryside, to sense the true beauty of nature. I want others to feel this, too, so I painted the view I saw in a lovely park in the countryside.

Second runner-up: Samantha Borje, 15

Summer is a time of adventure, of vivacity, and of warmth. This picture captures a moment in Ma On Shan that helped me envisage all of those aspects of summer.

The gate is beckoning for new journeys, the trees are surrounding the gate with life, and the afternoon sun is casting a lovely orange glow throughout the whole scene. The colour orange in particular is what does it for me; orange is what makes this image summer.

Third runner-up: Jade Lam, 14

These two photographs show the contrast between the hectic city and the tranquil countryside. I have attempted to capture the extraordinary beauty of both atmospheres.

These things give me hope in life, and I can believe that the world will always be beautiful, however it changes. There is not a lot of contrast in the flowers, but I think that is part of the breathtaking quality. On the other hand, the contrast between the boring London office buildings and the wondrous blend of colours in the sky is quite interesting.



Week 9

Best entry: Jessica Wai, 13
Summer is a beautiful, warm season. It provides many opportunities for us to experience the lovely colours of life and nature. The sun, the beach, the sky, our clothes, anything. Things we see every day can create such a vivid, colourful world.
My artwork features a young lady standing in the sun, a common sight. But if we pay attention to it and capture the moment, we could be fascinated by the creation before us. This artwork simply emphasises the colours of life and brings out their own beauty.
My favourite medium is collage, which I have used here. In this piece, I have combined paper collage with some photo editing.

First runner-up: Stephanie Yuen, 15
Fishermen's Boats in a Miniature World
In this photo, which seems to look into a tiny world of miniatures, the traditional colourful fishing boats of Hong Kong are seen sunbathing on a rocky breakwater under blue, sunny skies. The shades of blue, orange, green, white and brown bring out the essence of the blazing hot summer.

Second runner-up: Ananya Mohan, 13
The thought of summer suggests a joyful and serene setting. I think the beach represents a perfect summer, while bringing out the ideal summer colours.
I enjoy playing with water and making sand castles. This is why I have taken some pictures from a beach. The first picture shows a pair of goggles and a couple of sunhats lying on the sand, the second one a bottle of water, while the third shows an oar almost being swept away by the waves.

Third runner-up: Debbie Wong, 18
This photograph was taken on my trip to Pattaya, Thailand. The sunset was beautiful and its bright orange and red colours seemed even more brilliant when the picture was taken partly through my sunglasses.


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