Amuro keeps you dancing

Amuro keeps you dancing

Namie Amuro faces off with some of Japan's biggest musical heavyweights on her new pulse-pounding album, Checkmate! This collaboration album features such artists as Ai, Anna Tsuchiya, Yamashita Tomohisa, After School, ravex, Mummy-D, Zeebra, Suite Chic, Heartsdales, Jhett, Kawabata Kaname and American rapper Lil Wayne.

The album is an incredible mixture of dance and hip hop tracks that is full of energy and fun. Each track brings something different to the table and even though this is a collaboration-laden album it is also antagonistic, with Namie facing off with some of the other featured artists. This can be felt in the rap song Wet N' Wild featuring Heartsdales and Suite Chic and #1 with Kawabata Kaname from Chemistry.

Each track blends each artist's style and voice wonderfully to create an extremely enjoyable listening experience. For song after song, listeners won't be able to stop getting up and just moving to the pounding beats and losing themselves in the multi-layered tracks. Even as I write this review I have to stop and just get up and dance.

The standard edition has 13 fantastic tracks while the deluxe edition features an extra DVD with seven amazing music videos.

This album is a must-buy for Namie Amuro fans and those who love J-pop. It's well worth what ever the sticker price is!

YP Rating: 5/5



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