OSC aims to provide bus for disabled pre-schoolers

OSC aims to provide bus for disabled pre-schoolers


Po Leung Kuk
Pre-school children at Po Leung kuk's Yuen Long Early Learning Centre will benefit from their new, specialist school bus. Photo: Po Leung Kuk

Po Leung Kuk is hoping to receive HK$642,300 from Operation Santa Claus (OSC) to buy a 16-seater rehab bus for the Yuen Long Early Learning Centre to transport disabled children from low-income families.

The centre, which provides pre-school classes for disabled children below the age of six, needs the vehicle to help the children travel to and from school.

Brenda Mok Dan-ling, service development officer for social services administration at Po Leung Kuk, said: 'Some of our students are in wheelchairs, so a private school bus service is not an option for them.' The rehab bus has two spaces at the back specifically for wheelchair users. 'There may also be cases of bullying or discrimination if our students were to travel with other children, so it is best there is a school bus only for students of the centre.'

Mok is very grateful for help from OSC. 'We would not be able to buy the bus without OSC,' she said. 'Many people may think there is an abundance of resources from Po Leung Kuk, which is quite a well-known local organisation.

'But the centre in Yuen Long is quite small, and finding funding from the Social Welfare Department is not that easy. OSC is really helping us a lot.'

The school bus will also provide transportation for students to go on visits and field trips. In case of emergency, it can also be used to transport students to hospital.

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