Kooza Competition entry by Wan Tsz-yau

Kooza Competition entry by Wan Tsz-yau

We asked our readers what act they would perform in the circus and why. Here is one of the answers. It has not been edited


Photo: Rachel Cheung/SCMP

“Soaring in the air, seizing the trapeze and leaping like the lightning flashed across the sky. A sense of satisfaction comes along with the audiences’ astonishment and spontaneous exhilaration as I spring from one trapeze to another. I then look at my partner, whom I trust with all my heart. His confident nod signals me to slap death in the face once again; I whirl in the air and he catches me after a few somersaults. Cheers and applause then reverberate in the circus, having performed a routine.”

This is the scene which I wish would happen in reality. I would like to be a trapeze artist, to go on the Flying Swing and to pursue freedom. Many may be under the impression that it is not a difficult task to be the trapeze artists – countless hours of practice will do. Yet, for me, it is the bolt from the blue. Being afraid of height is really a hard nut for me to crack. Even when standing on the observation deck in a skyscraper, overlooking the entire city through the transparent glass, I suffocate and shiver. But who said we couldn’t dream of something just because it’s seemingly impossible to achieve? After all, fear should not stop us from doing the marvelous things that we love. Fear is to be overcome and dreams are to be realized.

 So, yes, I would like to be a trapeze artist, to feel the flow of air fearlessly and pursue breakthrough in my life!

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