City University of Hong Kong

The sun can provide us unlimited energy, but what is the best way to harness this energy? Scientists have been working to answer this question for decades.
In e-commerce, minimising storage time and maximising labour usage helps companies save more money.
Robots can perform many different operations, and increasingly they can do them completely by themselves. While most still cannot do everything independently, they have some degree of autonomy.
As a CityU student found out during a volunteer trip to Malaysia, all it takes is a bit of courage at the beginning.
A memorial in a Kowloon Bay garden remains a symbol of the power of people to enact change, and will be seen by thousands.
Nothing, if you read other books as well. Like food, you need a balanced diet of books.
One CityU student went to the southeastern European country and came back with a new perspective.
The former president used technology to track voter patterns and raise US$1 billion for his campaign.
The interdisciplinary programme at CityU lets students combine science, art and technology with spectacular results.
Survival of the fittest isn’t just confined to biological phenomena; diversity is essential for everything.
What if we could use a system like Uber or to build a ‘solar grid’ for the future?