School happenings

What exciting or interesting events have been happening at your school recently? Young Post wants to share them.
The Performance Troupe of King Ling College presented their play, The Mid-summer Nightmare, on February 5. All of the actors spent about a month brainstorming ideas. Then, after being inspired by Shakespeare, they planned the plot and wrote the script.
To welcome the arrival of spring, the school held a spring couplets writing event on February 6.
A Grade Basketball Boys team and their coaches.
We are proud to announce a stunning sequence of sporting successes at South Island School. On Thursday, December 11, in the final of the A Grade Rugby Boys Interschool Rugby Competition at HK Foodball Club, SIS scored a convincing win over Hong Kong International School (69 – 5).
The students are serious about serving their schoolmates.
While committing to search your school community is a "Sirius" matter, it can also be fun and fulfilling.
Connie Lau gives a scholarship to Form Six graduate, Cheung Yu-fu, at the ceremony.
The school celebrated the launch of the 2014/2015 academic year with a ceremony in the school hall on September 1.
Circle painting helped the school's new students bond.
The school held a "bridging" programme from August 11-18 to help new students adapt to secondary school life.
"Humble" physics whiz takes top award at Student of the Year.
The school's English festival included a barbecue
"Starry Starry Night" was the final activity that ended our annual educational English Festival. We had about 65 schoolmates taking part and having fun. As the vice-chairwoman of the English Society, I wanted to make sure our students got the most exposure to English and had fun at the same time.
Fifteen women from the crew of USS Blue Ridge visited our school to share their experiences of serving in the United States Navy.
Sports day is one of the biggest activities in the school calendar. We held our 29th annual sports day last month, with special guest and alumnus Yuen Ka-ying, silver medallist in the 2006 World Junior Wushu Championships, in attendance.