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This Halloween Young Post dares you to scare! Take a selfie on your own or with friends in a frightful Halloween scene for your chance to win Ocean Park tickets
Want to have a memorable experience with your friends and family at Disneyland this holiday season? Snap some photos that capture the magic and joy of the holidays for a chance to win FREE entry to the magical world of Disney.
Get ready to look for your chance to win a pair of tickets to a YP exclusive movie screening for Mockingjay - Part 1!
Winner Announcement! Thank you to the winners, nominees and everyone who submitted photos! Each one was creative and unique in their own way. We would also like to thank all those who voted! And now, the winners are …
Do you have big dreams for your future? Are you keen to seize the day and take steps to make sure those dreams start happening today? Here’s a chance for you to join to the BOCG Life Young Reporter Programme to share valuable insights into interviewing, researching, writing skills and learn about...
At the end of the first session students had a good overview of journalism and the Sino Group's environmental programmes.
Writing skills are usually the most difficult to acquire in a foreign language. Getting some help from experienced journalists is a great opportunity, and this is what happened to close to 30 students who joined the Sino Junior Reporter Programme held in cooperation with Young Post.
When sorrow is deeper than love. Written and directed by Ned Benson, he ambitiously captures a complete picture of a relationship in the beautifully relatable portrait of love, empathy and truth.
The students take a group photo at South China Morning Post Centre
Here at Young Post, we know a thing or two about news reporting. And we also know how learning some reporting skills can really help in other departments, such as language ability.
Through artistic expression, this drawing competition aimed to cultivate the new generation a deeper understanding and appreciation of Macau’s cultural heritage.
Charles Kaisin, curator of Dress Code, on his signature K-Bench.
In collaboration with Belgian Spirit – an initiative to promote Belgian architecture, design and fashion in Asia – Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) and IVE (Lee Wai Lee) presents the fashion design exhibition Dress Code at the institute’s exhibition venue, d-mart
To commemorate SCMP 110th anniversary, we’re celebrating Hong Kong and the next generation of future leaders by giving away 11,000 gifts to students to encourage them to study hard and do well in school.