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As part of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, the project taught older people how to use apps and play mobile games, while promoting inter-generational harmony.
Win tickets to see Disney's "Aladdin"
Many students are passionate about art and design, but they tend to treat them as hobbies rather than a possible potential career. There are, after all, many misconceptions about the possibilities of finding a job with in these fields.
The hackathon-style competition challenged local and overseas secondary students to pitch their best ideas on how to combat ocean pollution.
With their training well under way, and with three weeks till the Race, the students look back on the journey so far
This hackathon-style challenge offers a rare chance for local STEM students to work with their overseas counterpart
Meet the students being put through their paces to compete in Hong Kong’s muckiest obstacle course, the Mud Race.
Here are some tips to help you train better and, most importantly, avoid injuries