Poems & short stories

This year, the theme is 'Disconnected', which calls attention to the moral and ethical blind spots, as well as the disconnects, in the use of the internet.
Sometimes one person has to step up and make the sacrifice that will be the difference between success and destruction for all. This story is by Sakshi Gupta from Kiangsu Chekiang College.
Sometimes you might think you want to escape, or you just want the world to disappear, but would you really choose to give up your family, friends, and the opportunity to live?
Junior Reporter Veronica Lin talks to the editor and a contributor of the school's 14th edition.
“Inspiration can come in all shapes and forms,” says Elly Hung, winner of Young Post’s Winter 2015 Story competition, “So draw inspiration from whatever you experience in life.”
In a futuristic world, citizens have lost the meaning of kindness, and social divides are worse than ever. This story was written by Elly Hung, 14, a student at King George V school.
Imprisoned and isolated, one old man reflects on his life. This story was written by Cheng Tin-yin, 15, a student at YWCA Hioe Tjo Yoeng College
Two sisters struggle to make sure Hong Kong's present and future doesn't rewrite the past. This story was written by Adan Chew, a 15-year-old student at Heep Yunn School.
I still remember the chestnut vendors from back when I was a child. You would always smell them before you saw them. Just a hint of sweetness.
Everyone knows the environment is a big problem for Hong Kong, but one narrator takes the enxt step to consider what the city's future holds. This story was written by Yu Sze-hon from Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School.
Yu Sze-hon, the champion of our short story competition, talks to YP cadet Miuccia Chan about his inspiration.