Poems & short stories

A father tries to make up with his estranged son, but is it too late for reconciliation?
A teacher’s ignorance is reversed when he receives a letter from a student.
A girl overcomes her phobia about heights and discovers that she is much stronger in body and mind than she gives herself credit for.
A prank gone wrong forces Samuel to choose between his friends and his morals.
In a hopeless future Hong Kong, a student discovers he has closer ties to an underground movement than he thought.
When a chimp is taken from his home in the forest, he has no idea what dangers lie ahead.
When Eva lost her arm in a car accident, did she lose her ability to dance, too? The Hong Kong’s Got Talent competition is the ultimate test.
Bailey desperately wants to believe in his parents, his teacher, and the system governing his city. But how can he, when they keep letting him down?
Our favourite entries will not only be published in our super Summer Holiday editions, they will also be compiled into a bound and illustrated book.
Fifteen-year-old Divina Samtani isn’t exactly sure when she first knew she wanted to be a writer one day, but wherever the idea came from, it stuck.
It was the second night that shouting had awoken him. Jack had been fast asleep, wrapped in his dinosaur duvet, when the sound of muffled yells drew him from his dreams.