Poems & short stories

Tia is looking for an adventure; Jonathan just wants somewhere to hide. A series of letters and hidden messages brings them together.
A girl going on a school trip has a change of heart about her younger sister.
The queen turned to the mirror. The answer she received was the one she expected, but the one she dreaded. Snow White needed to die.
A Hong Kong student reflects on the sometimes harsh and unforgiving nature of the world around us.
A Hong Kong student describes the emotional anguish of being unable to play the beautiful game because of a knee injury.
Meet writers such as Akin Jeje and Collier Nogues at the One-Day Literary Writing Lodge to be held on December 15.
A teacher’s ignorance is reversed when he receives a letter from a student.
A girl overcomes her phobia about heights and discovers that she is much stronger in body and mind than she gives herself credit for.
A prank gone wrong forces Samuel to choose between his friends and his morals.
In a hopeless future Hong Kong, a student discovers he has closer ties to an underground movement than he thought.