Poems & short stories

Tia is looking for an adventure; Jonathan just wants somewhere to hide. A series of letters and hidden messages brings them together.
A city's hidden heart and soul_L
I used to know none of them. The pressure of life in Hong Kong is so great, we scarcely pay attention to the people around us. As the crowds dash across streets and vehicles waiting...
The sky was alive with lightning, cracking open to the sound of thunder. Pellets of water soaked an already drenched Stephanie to the core. Shivering, she wrapped her useless raincoat even more tightly around her as she trudged in the direction of the MTR.
a fitting way_L
As Ah Ming gazed at the calendar, his eyes blinked rapidly in anticipation of the big day. "My birthday is coming!" he exclaimed, with a beaming smile which seemed to light up the room.
There's nothing like a mother's love _L
My boss stood in the doorway. "Hey, Leah, do you have a second? I need to talk to you."
Brotherly love knows no borders_L
Things had changed so drastically since I stepped off the ship and set foot in Hong Kong. I, Nadifa, had grown accustomed to the local ways in this city which reverberates with life and is full of surprises and contradictions.
A helping hand for Superwoman_L
Waving my hand to illustrate my point, I exclaimed: "But you don't even know who they really are!"
A friend good enough to eat_L
Dazzling eyes. Flawless skin. A scintillating smile that lit up the room. All eyes were on the new girl as she walked into our maths class, and I couldn't help wishing I had features as perfect as hers.
Gift from the grave_L
Mum had to pull me out of bed that morning. "Rebecca! Come on, we're late already," she yelled.