Poems & short stories

This year, the theme is 'Disconnected', which calls attention to the moral and ethical blind spots, as well as the disconnects, in the use of the internet.
Short Story Lorraine Ho_L
They met in their first year of high school in Hong Kong ...
Short Story Chaang Vi Ka_L
A chance meeting with a 'movie man' proves to be a girl's downfall, in this story by Chaang Vi Ka of Independent Schools Foundation Academy
Short Story Brandon Mok_L
In his story in our Summer Story competition, Brandon Mok of West Island School writes about a dystopian future where nothing is as it seems ...
Short Story Charlotte Chan_L
I rushed out of the classroom and into the open courtyard where basketballs were flying everywhere and the smell of a hot cafeteria lunch drifted across the ...
Short Story Justin Yu_L
I am about to be taken by one of the most humiliating deaths possible. The irony is that I can blame no one but myself. Sure, I could blame the people who ...
An alley cat and his unlikely ally_L
You won't consider me significant - I'm just a stray old cat hanging around the streets of Sham Shui Po.
When sorry is the hardest word_L
The words from the Three Days Grace song blasted through my headphones as I tried to distract myself: "It's never too late, never too late..."
A city's hidden heart and soul_L
I used to know none of them. The pressure of life in Hong Kong is so great, we scarcely pay attention to the people around us. As the crowds dash across streets and vehicles waiting...
The sky was alive with lightning, cracking open to the sound of thunder. Pellets of water soaked an already drenched Stephanie to the core. Shivering, she wrapped her useless raincoat even more tightly around her as she trudged in the direction of the MTR.