Poems & short stories

This year, the theme is 'Disconnected', which calls attention to the moral and ethical blind spots, as well as the disconnects, in the use of the internet.
In a moving essay that won the top prize at the Junior Writers Award, Yeung Lok-chi tells how his late cousin's heroic battle against cancer continues to motivate him.
It was late at night, and the wind whispered outside the window. Leaves rustled against trees. Here I was, lying on my bed and staring at the ceiling.
The first time I saw Tristan was on one inconspicuous day of November in 2006. It was just beginning to change from autumn to winter and the air was chilly. He was standing on the side of the street in a blue puffy jacket and dark worn jeans. His shoulder-length hair whipped over his face, blurring...
Student Reo Shoshi imagines travelling back to the discovery of the New World in the 15th century
Bianca Chan 15, Maryknoll Convent School
I was born on the day of festivity, when the official establishment of our nation was declared. I was born into an era of stability and prosperity, where the last of the radical thinkers were finally eradicated.
Summer Story 2013 Never Guess_L
It's like being underwater - although it's easier to move around and you can breathe. But it's still frustrating. At first, I'd blast music in my room, slam ...
Summer Story 2013 Cursed_L
It was in 1874 when he first saw her. She was sitting against the outer edge of Tun King's village walls, eyes closed and her expression serene. He watched ...
Summer Story 2013 Voice_L
Lydia Johnson lay on a beach, far from everything. The only things she could sense were the steady breathing of her fiance, the sunlight set to "tan" instead ...
The master_L
"Master ... master." The soothing voice dragged the boy from his daydream and back to reality. He opened his eyes. "Master, there is a time and a place for daydreams," ...
Summer Story 2013 Unicorn_L
In the middle of the summer holiday, most children would be up by 9am, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. But I don't fall into that category.