Poems & short stories

After running away from home months ago, Darren isn’t sure if his parents will take him back. Are the bonds of blood strong enough?
A grieving son is determined to find out the truth about his father's death, but sometimes truth comes with a vengeance of its own.
A father and son go camping in the woods, but something sinister is lurking.
When an tragic event makes one student want to hide from the world, another is determined to bring her back into it.
What would you be willing to sacrifice for true democracy?
Lose can’t stop losing things; Find can’t stop searching for them. Can they help each other?
This poem celebrates one of our city's most popular drinks.
Read this funny poem about two squabbling fruits.
The 12-year-old aspiring author from Hong Kong International School also says writing helps her make sense of her own life.
Winning entries will be connected into an anthology and published as an illustrated book.