This cultural idea is very damaging to both men and women, though for different reasons.
With net neutrality being dismantled in the US, we need to speak up to our government about why it’s a principle worth protecting.
MANY of our opinion writers have expressed their feelings about the hot-button issue of sexual harassment. We’ve changed the format this week so that all of them can have their say.
What we put on the internet is "forever", so Moms and Dads should stop trying to make children viral.
The Hong Kong-China joint checkpoint deal for the high-speed rail link to Guangzhou has stirred quite a fuss among nervous Hongkongers.
I am a Kowloon West constituency voter, and I will be disgusted if Frederick Fung is endorsed by the opposition to run for the Legco by-elections next March.
Many Chinese say they are non-religious, but often engage in customs that are not backed by scientific evidence
With the shocking accusations against Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Ed West help start a conversation about sexual harassment in other parts of the world?
The actor’s timing in coming out as a gay man, right after allegations of his sexual assault on a 14-year-old boy, couldn’t be any worse.
The decision to incorporate the national anthem law into the Basic Law has caused quite a stir in Hong Kong. Many people fear the “erosion of freedom of thought” if the new legislation is introduced.
Study says human activity is the ‘dominant cause’ of global warming and warns of dire consequences for the world.