Some say HK university campuses need more ethnic representation - but they mean European students; this narrow view of diversity is ignorant at best and bigoted at worst.
Given that their private information is at stake, people have the right to expect answers from Facebook.
US President Donald Trump’s decision to impost tariffs on Chinese imports into the US has some very real threats.
Students should not dread the Chinese Language paper, nor should they have to follow rules that simply don’t make sense during the oral exam.
We’re already a quarter of the way into 2018, and I think I can safely use the words “disastrous” and “horrendous” to describe the past four months for Hong Kong’s democrats.
Why does China seem to get into so many disputes? Geography may be a huge part of the answer.
The US president recently claimed that trade wars are “easy to win” and is proposing large tariffs and restrictions on Chinese imports.
Sexist dress codes for female flight attendants are just the tip of the iceberg – should female students in Hong Kong have to wear skirts?
The more the Hong Kong government sides with business interests over consumer interests, the more disillusioned the city’s citizens will become.
Although Hong Kong prides itself on being Asia’s World City, a lot of common terms and phrases reflect an anti-foreign sentiment.
Hong Kong residents currently use 130 litres per day, well over the recommended amount of 50 litres.