This cultural idea is very damaging to both men and women, though for different reasons.
Modern global politics has seen a new trend in the past few years – the downfall of centrism.
It started with a seemingly innocuous customer questionnaire from Marriott International, which listed Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Tibet as independent countries.
No matter how hard they try, immigrants in some East Asian countries will never be accepted as true citizens.
Many see the looming Hong Kong-mainland joint checkpoint in Kowloon as a thing to dread. Here’s why it isn’t – and why we should look forward to more of the same.
Greedy, racist, wrong, nasty are not words usually associated with Britain's war Prime Minister
President Donald Trump has accused the media of being biased towards liberal views - but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
There is more wrong with the subject than mere “logical fallacies”. It fundamentally contradicts its own stated purpose.
Last year, Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada. Meng is Huawei’s chief financial officer and the daughter of the founder of the telecommunications company.
Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are just some of the platforms our generation uses to shed light on social injustices.
We’ve often looked to land reclamation as a way of making our city even more economically successful than it is right now – but at what cost?