The devastating impact of wildfires garners global attention, but not enough is being done about the real cause of these disasters.
'It hardly serves the common good to set about destroying properties and creating unnecessary disturbances.'
Protesters all over the world have taken to the streets. At times, their demonstrations have turned violent, with clashes between police and protesters.
A while ago, I read a book that has sparked some controversy on parenting in America as well as across the globe.
It's not uncommon to find Facebook and Twitter banned from most school computers. "Multi-tasking" on social networking sites while working can easily quadruple the time ...
The newly opened Apple Store in Central, Hong Kong. Some customers queued for two nights for the opening event.
An Apple store in Hong Kong, finally! The long-awaited shop was mobbed on its opening day by thousands of fans. Some enthusiasts started lining up two days ...
President Barack Obama delivers his third annual Back-to-School speech in Washington, DC, on September 28.
Barack Obama is a controversial president. His image is like clay: it can be manipulated and shaped - to a certain extent.
It was a good win for Hong Kong's rule of law last Friday. Evangeline Banao Vallejos, a Filipina domestic worker who has lived here since 1986, won a legal challenge against ...
Villagers gather to protest against pollution from a solar panel factory in Haining, Zhejiang province, on September 17.
Say you are walking on the street with your younger brother, when the ground suddenly cracks and a tall brick wall rises up and surrounds you. What would you do?
A wave of popular demonstrations has been sweeping through the Arab world. Yemen has also been caught up in mass protests demanding reform and democracy.
A hunger strike campaign in India by 74-year-old activist Anna Hazare - calling for strong anti-corruption legislation - has ended successfully. He gained...
Just one glance at the boat pulling into Ocean Terminal last month was enough to tell you were looking at something revolutionary...