Government and university action is needed to ensure the safety of Chinese people abroad during the outbreak
Described by US economist Richard Wolff as “phoney and costly” posturing by a politician and a “made-for-TV spectacle”, US President Donald Trump’s trade war with China has turned out worse than Fergie’s last album.
Both governments and individuals worldwide should be prepared for the ‘robotic revolution’ which could become a reality soon.
It will take a lot more effort to stop orangutans and other animals from losing their habitats.
Historically, the Catholic Church has never accepted homosexuality. It is less of a human attitude, more of an unambiguous interpretation of the Bible.
I recently came across some research which shows that we millennials literally “love” our phones, and react in the same way to the devices as we would if we saw a loved one. This was a creepy lesson for me.
With so many species becoming critically endangered, we need to start treating crimes against wildlife as seriously as other crimes
This cultural idea is very damaging to both men and women, though for different reasons.
In a capitalist society, where wealth and influence determine a person’s value, certain groups will always be left marginalised.
A quick look at the political history of the United States will show that the nation only has its own best interests at heart.
Do not be charmed by digitally perfect lovers; they are only programmed to love you.