The ongoing demonstrations against the proposed extradition bill have caused a spike in emotional problems, and authorities need to do more to address the problem.
We need to rethink our priorities as a society and encourage leisure over labour.
Some people say young adults are choosing not to have children because they are selfish – but that couldn’t further from the truth.
A student at the National University of Singapore, who was filmed while taking a shower, wants real consequences for people that commit such acts.
A lot of attention has been given to the moral aspect of the singer's behaviour, but what about the taxi driver profiting from his illegal recording?
Like Vietnam and the US, Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans should come to terms with past conflicts and begin a new, cordial relationship.
Some say HK university campuses need more ethnic representation - but they mean European students; this narrow view of diversity is ignorant at best and bigoted at worst.
Legislation is needed to responsibly manage increasing seafood consumption around the world.
Last year was fraught with political, environmental, and social change. Issues such as the LGBT movement, US gun laws, female reproductive rights, and climate change came into the international spotlight.
Only real action, not empty words of solidarity, can help make New Zealand a better place for minorities
Emergency information could be circulated quickly via text, TV and radio in our tech-savvy city.