Some Western media outlets have called China’s quarantine measures ‘authoritarian’, while describing similar policies in Italy and South Korea as ‘empowered’ by their governments.
The Hong Kong protests have shown that the pro-democracy camp is willing to endorse anyone that is anti-establishment – even if they are not qualified.
Government and university action is needed to ensure the safety of Chinese people abroad during the outbreak
Ignoring judgments based on appearance is the first step in rethinking the yes-make-up/no-make-up question
As Hongkongers become increasingly polarised, it's important for young people to learn to understand themselves and their community.
Face mask shortages and the rising cost of goods amid the Covid-19 outbreak have exposed the weaknesses of the free market.
Fear over the Covid-19 epidemic is fuelling bigotry, but now more than ever we need to show empathy.
Issues such as climate change and toxic waste management do not affect us all equally
The internet has become flooded with misinformation about the virus – much of which has been discriminatory and racist towards Chinese people.
Before we can resume day-to-day life, the coronavirus needs to be contained – and in the meantime, we must learn to study at home
The devastating impact of wildfires garners global attention, but not enough is being done about the real cause of these disasters.