All around the world, governments are struggling with how to reconcile the immense power of multinational corporations with the democratic process.
Likening sexuality with morality, and this has become an excuse for blatant discrimination. This needs to stop.
To ban e-cigarettes while allowing the sale of traditional cigarettes sends confusing signals.
Hong Kong should take a leaf out of the mainland’s book and introduce bold policies to tackle the city’s housing crisis.
The Cambridge Analytica scandal in March sent regulators into a frenzy. That’s because they realised the implications of the pervasiveness of modern tech companies, including the fact they can sway political opinion.
Anti-bias training for Starbucks staff deserves praise, but America faces a tough battle to eradicate racial discrimination.
Pop culture could be the bridge that brings different nations together.
Overturning an earlier judgment at the High Court requiring the government to grant spousal benefits to employees in same-sex marriages is wrong.
The Hong Kong government is not fixing the problem not because they can’t but because they don’t want to.
The saga of photo-taking in courts started in 2016 when the former chairman of the Law Society of Hong Kong, Junius Ho Kwan-yiu, posted a selfie on his social media.
Chinese netizens who attack critics of the mainland should first focus on questionable behaviour closer to home.