Letters to the editor

Moving the city's most popular sporting event to October will help ensure the health and safety of Hongkongers.
Cats are cute, but please think twice before you decide to get one.
We should focus on making sure our bodies are working properly, not how they look.
Hongkongers still have much to learn when it comes to accepting people of other races, religions and backgrounds.
Everyone has a responsibility to the planet and its animals, but we must also understand why these issues exist.
The food culture of Hong Kong will disappear unless everyone takes action to save local restaurants.
I recently took part in a workshop about Western table etiquette which was organised by my school.
The government will lift a biking ban on 16 bridges and flyovers, but it's still not enough.
Although Hong Kong is a hi-tech city, we are well behind other developed economies when it comes to environmental awareness.
I am writing in response to the article, “How a new therapy uses VR to help those with depression, trauma, PTSD, and other mental health issues” (Young Post, September 21).
Hongkongers should be educated about racial prejudice and learn to accept people from different backgrounds.