Letters to the editor

Living overseas is a great way to learn to be independent, spread cultural awareness and learn new skills for your career.
It is ironic that while mainlanders flock to Hong Kong to buy high-quality, inexpensive goods, the locals have to pay more for their daily necessities at supermarkets.
There has been a lot of concern recently about white tigers, which are seriously endangered. They have been hunted close to extinction by poachers who want to sell their skin.
Do you know why all the brand-name glasses such as Chanel and Ray-Ban cost so much? It is because their patent is owned by one single company.
While Occupy has received a lot of criticism, I was glad to see Young Post acknowledging that there are advantages, as well as disadvantages.
We don't know whether people are using their real names in online articles. So does that mean anonymity is a good thing?
If you are the legal guardian of a child and you assault, abuse, neglect or abandon that child, you will be heavily punished by the law.
As a Form Five student who has been learning English for almost 15 years, I think I have the right to say this: "English simply shouldn't be learned this way."
I've been taking Chinese dancing lessons for the past 11 years and want to be a dancer when I grow up. But my parents don't think much of a career in areas such as performing arts or even sports.
Vandalism is a serious problem in our schools. Mostly, students spoil school property by drawing graffiti on them. Here are my suggestions to fix the problem.
An armed police officer gives a Zongzi, a glutinous rice dumpling, to an old lady as they celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival at a makeshift settlement in the earthquake-afflicted Hanxinlang Village
People in Hong Kong have a very long life expectancy, around 81 to 86 years. This means most of us will be able to live to an old age. But does a long life equal a lively life?