Letters to the editor

More countries should consider granting asylum to those seeking refuge.
After reading about the Philippine president’s campaign, I have decided I am against it.
Kids as young as five are using the “F” word, but as Stephen Curry’s mother reminded him, it is wrong to swear no matter the circumstances.
The former US president wore a pair of socks designed by John Cronin, a young entrepreneur who has Down syndrome.
We should praise the firefighters and policemen who helped to save lives, but punish those responsible for faulty buildings.
No pain, no gain. What a sad phrase – especially for those who feel like they don’t have any talent. People always say you should work hard to achieve your goals, but how can you do it if you don’t know what your goals are? 
The human papilloma virus vaccine could lower cervical cancer rates dramatically in the city.
I think a lot of people underestimate how much money can be won from taking part in e-sports.
The HK$4,000 cash handouts will only please the people in the short term and won't improve long-term prospects for the city.