Letters to the editor

You should also commit to a course of action instead of always waiting for something better to come along later.
A shark warning sign on a beach in the northern New South Wales city of Newcastle
Recently, many teenagers have been attacked by sharks off the coast of Australia. Some have survived, others have not been so lucky, such as Jay Muscat, the 17-year-old-boy who died while spear fishing, and Daniel Smith who died while swimming off Port Douglas in the country's northeast.
I recently read a news story about how bosses are not satisfied with the way young people perform in job interviews. The story also gave examples of how teenagers fail at interviews, mostly pointing out that they are too shy, or don't take the interview seriously. The writer said that this led to a...
Children get bored easily when they have "spare time". Many "helicopter parents" fill their child's every waking hour with extracurricular activities. But allowing them to be bored now and then can be a good thing, as it lets them develop their own passions and different life skills.
I am really worried about the number of people who have died of the flu virus. It's particularly worrying that they expect the death toll to keep rising until March. It is frustrating that the government doesn't seem to be doing much to remind people how important hygiene is.
Parallel traders are causing big problems in Hong Kong. They were the target of protests in Sha Tin and Tuen Mun over the past two weeks. Police even had to use pepper spray against the protesters, while several people were injured.
School newspapers used to be printed, which takes a long time. From getting articles from students and teachers to production and printing, it usually takes more than two months for a printed copy to reach the hands of the students. So why not go online?
The mainland government wants to ban textbooks which promote Western values and "brainwash" university students. I don't support this idea.
Since the famous dolphin suicide, many people are concerned about whether live dolphin shows are good for the mammals or not.
I watched a documentary recently, and I am now very angry with how supermarkets operate. The film focused on the food processing industry.
What's going on with all these annoying passengers on the MTR?