Letters to the editor

Although we do not fish for sharks in Hong Kong waters, the city is one of the world’s biggest shark fin trading hubs.
Since the famous dolphin suicide, many people are concerned about whether live dolphin shows are good for the mammals or not.
I watched a documentary recently, and I am now very angry with how supermarkets operate. The film focused on the food processing industry.
What's going on with all these annoying passengers on the MTR?
According to a WWF survey, the volume of shark fin served in Hong Kong dropped almost 35 per cent this year to 161kg
I sometimes feel that siblings are a nuisance. They're never helpful.
There's nothing wrong with following celebrities, but some people take things too far.
It is normal for adults to go to a nightclub and have fun but is it appropriate for a six-year-old to dance or listen to pop music in such a place?
It is ironic that while mainlanders flock to Hong Kong to buy high-quality, inexpensive goods, the locals have to pay more for their daily necessities at supermarkets.
There has been a lot of concern recently about white tigers, which are seriously endangered. They have been hunted close to extinction by poachers who want to sell their skin.
Do you know why all the brand-name glasses such as Chanel and Ray-Ban cost so much? It is because their patent is owned by one single company.