Letters to the editor

You should also commit to a course of action instead of always waiting for something better to come along later.
A billboard reads "socialism with Chinese characteristics".
I want to share my thoughts on the article "A dose of socialism would be good for Hong Kong's health" (Young Post, June 19).
A whole array of newspapers reporting on the formal investigation into former Politburo Standing Committee member Zhou Yongkang
My school encourages us to read newspapers, and teachers give us lots of news cuttings to read. Some students think this is a waste of time. I don't agree.
Empress Dowager Cixi was one of the only two women who ever assumed leadership of the country throughout China's long, male-dominated history.
I am writing about the decision made by an elite girls' school.
The now defunct Dymocks in IFC during better days
Hong Kong is often called a shopping and culinary paradise, but it's getting very hard to find books. Specifically, English ones.
It seems that nowadays people don't really have good relationships with others. The main reason is that we don't talk enough any more. Conversation is really important in a relationship. We learn how others feel through chatting. 
Ethnic minorities petition outside Central Government Offices (CGO) at Tamar calling for an end to "discriminatory" Chinese education policy.
The government needs to make sure that ethnic minority children are given places in kindergarten. If minorities can't find places for their children because they don't speak Chinese, the relationship between Hongkongers and these minorities will be harmed.
I think overprotective parents are bad for children's development.
A black man was killed by a white policeman in America in August. There were lots of protests and riots because of it, which created a very tense atmosphere.
There is a lot of political tension between Hong Kong and the mainland. Knowing what happened in the past is essential if we want to understand the present and ensure a better future.