Letters to the editor

Is denuclearisation really a good idea for the North Korean people?
There is little proof that the learning styles – auditory, visual and tactile – can boost students’ educational achievements.
The habit of using a plastic straw almost every time we have a drink has a huge negative impact on our planet.
Buses can become “murder weapons” if the vehicles are not working properly, or if the drivers have a problem that can affect their driving.
More countries should consider granting asylum to those seeking refuge.
There is an urgent need for media literacy and media organisations have to crack down on fake news.
This kind of story is not actually “news” any more, because it is so common.
Most teenagers enjoy playing video games but too much of it is bad for them.
I am writing in response to the article “Residents fear damage from reclamation” (SCMP, November 26).
Cats are cute, but please think twice before you decide to get one.
We should focus on making sure our bodies are working properly, not how they look.