Letters to the editor

More countries should consider granting asylum to those seeking refuge.
The government will lift a biking ban on 16 bridges and flyovers, but it's still not enough.
Although Hong Kong is a hi-tech city, we are well behind other developed economies when it comes to environmental awareness.
I am writing in response to the article, “How a new therapy uses VR to help those with depression, trauma, PTSD, and other mental health issues” (Young Post, September 21).
Hongkongers should be educated about racial prejudice and learn to accept people from different backgrounds.
Nowadays, many teenagers like to read web novels – novels which are only available online. They especially like Chinese web novels.
I am writing about the need to legalise Uber in Hong Kong.
Youth crime is a big problem these days. In urban, competitive societies like Hong Kong, teenagers can easily be led astray and may even end up joining triad gangs.
Although we do not fish for sharks in Hong Kong waters, the city is one of the world’s biggest shark fin trading hubs.
The old debate used to be butter or margarine, but perhaps there are choices that are healthier than both.
The jury’s still out on whether co-education is beneficial to learning, but it is possible to be different yet equal.