Letters to the editor

Personal hygiene, including hand washing, will help you stay healthy
Doing things like keeping a journal can help with symptoms of mental illness.
Wider footpaths and fines for people blocking the pavement would help make the streets more walkable.
The Hospital Authority needs to take these situations seriously, or we face the risk of repeating these mistakes.
Ethnic minorities in 'Asia's World City' face a lot of racism and poor treatment.
Seasonal influenza can be a very serious illness; practise these basic health tips to avoid getting sick this winter.
Maintaining good relationships is much easier if you show respect to others and always have a good attitude.
Extra classes may cause students to take school less seriously and wouldn't improve their study skills.
A positive body image should not depend on weight loss and dieting.
Some people say the TSA tests students’ basic knowledge. I don’t agree. I think some of the TSA questions are too difficult for students. In reality, this exam wants to find out whether they can properly copy model answers.
If AI continues to develop as quickly as it is, many jobs will disappear.