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We had some great entries from music lovers who celebrated their passion for their favourite artists in reviews.
The most recent live concert I saw was BTS Wings Tour, on May 14 2017. Before the doors even opened, the whole waiting area was full of excitement and anticipation.
Not long after Shawn Mendes toured the world with Illuminate, he hopped back to the studio to create his third studio album, self-titling it as Shawn Mendes’.
The Imagine Dragons concert was one of the best days of my life. The second I walked into Asia World Expo I felt a wave of happiness and excitement, I was about to see an amazing band play in just 5 short hours.
Music plays a huge part in the world nowadays: it’s everywhere. Many teens look up to singers and their work usually is a huge impact on our moods- no kidding. One good song from our favourite singers or idols can make us jump around, go crazy and have a stupid smile on our faces all day.
No army would ever miss the chance to boast about their love for BTS and their music.
Kehlani first cast her charming spell on us with the 2015 release of her second mixtape, You Should Be Here.
If I were to pick an album from the past decade that I would personally consider a masterpiece, my first choice would definitely be To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar.