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If you study abroad, be sure to try a sport like tennis.
Your studies are a key part of life at boarding school. So should be sports.
Letters Emily Keep Calm_L
As much as I love Hong Kong, London is beautiful and full of vitality. I am happily settled here and now, after successfully submitting three monster-size ...
Op Ed Isabel Soup_L
When you're "in the bleak midwinter", nothing beats a bowl of sizzling hot Cantonese double-boiled soup. Not very long ago, I stood in the kitchen of my student ...
Letters Elaine_CNY
Kung hei fat choi! Happy Lunar New Year! I wish everyone a cheerful and prosperous year. Although I haven't been able to spend my favourite festival ...
The charming coastline of the county of Cork in Ireland.
The importance of having a quality life - that's what I really appreciated after my trip to Ireland as part of the International Youth Exchange Programme.
The stack of notes Candace has just for one class
Winter quarter is finally here. But this time around, I'm not nearly as excited as I was back in September when I started.
Letters Ben Workload_L
Work at boarding school can be hard. This past week alone, I've had to write five 2,000-word essays and complete two four-hour maths tasks. Back in the ...
Covent Garden in London's theatre district gears up for Christmas.
"Gaudy things enough to tempt ye / Many a bargain, if you strike it: / This is London! How d'ye like it?" So goes John Bancks' 1738 poem about London that ...
Guy Fawkes is off for burning.
There are both Chinese and English festivals that centre on a certain person. In England, they burn bonfires and effigies of Guy Fawkes on November 5.
Eugene Ho explains the problem of taking a shower in a dorm in this YouTube video.
Hmmm, it's a little quieter in the dorms than usual. It's a long weekend, thanks to a public holiday, and students from Washington, who live close enough ...