Even though Hong Kong flats are cramped, there are some indoor-friendly sports that you can try out
One of the reasons I chose to come to Copenhagen for my year abroad is because of the bicycle culture. People in Copenhagen cycle come rain or shine. In an attempt to blend in, I am trying to learn how to cycle with no hands (only the cool people do that).
Shoppers packing up their loot in Yuen Long.
Are parallel traders a problem in Hong Kong? Will controlling the number of visits help? Two students battle it out.
Candace caught up with Flik, who she first met 14 years ago.
Sorry for being such a downer the last time you heard from me. I was just about to take my finals. The thought of Spring Break was one of the only things keeping me (relatively) sane, and it turned out to be AMAZING.
The warm sun and the budding flowers indicate that *drum roll, please* ... spring has officially arrived in Copenhagen! Finally, we can go to the park!
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam (L) on an open top bus during a promotional tour.
Hate it when you can't talk back? You're welcome to join the conversation
This week, two of our junior reporters discuss whether teenagers are entitled to privacy rights.
Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions requests the Minimum Wage Council to set the minimum wage on the level of $33 per hour in 2010.
Hate it when you can't talk back? You're welcome to join the conversation
Do single-sex schools create gender stereotypes or do they reduce the pressure of gender expectations? Two of our junior reporters discuss whether single-sex schools should be compulsory.
When the sky is rinsed in that cathartic, faint blue hue; when the soothing pools of raindrops cleanse the dryness of this land; when the only sounds that echo around our ears are the gentle "drips-drops" that flow and grow over time …