After finding early success the teen sprinter was plagued by injuries, but now she’s back and better than ever.
(From left) Fencers Edgar Cheung, Joey Lau, Debbie Ho, and Ryan Choi
Hong Kong will have three foil fencers and one epee fencer competing at next month's Asian Youth Games in Nanjing.
Mega Ice coach Norman Chin (right) teaches YP reporter Wong Yei-hei
Ice hockey is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. Players bang into each other all the time. When I heard I was going to train with ...
Raef Morrison (centre, with ball) in action against Chinese-Taipei
The Hong Kong team won last Sunday's inaugural Asian School Boys Rugby Sevens Championship, but their celebrations were tinged with sadness.

Game For Anything - Ice Hockey

Hei cools down by lacing up his skates, grabbing a helmet and getting onto the ice to learn all about ice hockey.
Nanjing-bound Hong Kong team, from left, Kitty Tam, Mimi Ho, coach Ducky Tang, Michael Wong and Leonard Ho.
Hong Kong is sending four golfers to the Asian Youth Games (AYG) in Nanjing next month. This is the first time the 2016 Olympic sport will be included in the ...

Game For Anything - Lawn Bowls

Lawn bowls might not be the most exciting sport but it doesn't mean it's easy as YP editor Susan found out.Read the story:
It takes time and patience to learn how hard to deliver the bowl, and at what angle.
Lawn bowls may seem a bit boring compared to all the other exciting things that Team YP has tried this summer. You won't find me "doing the roo" at a bowls ...
(From left) Cobie Chan, Pansy Chan, Choi Uen-shan, Alvin Yuen, Alex Lau and Chris Lo have big hopes for the Asian Young Games.
The Hong Kong junior squash team will send six players to the second Asian Youth Games in Nanjing next month. Pansy Chan, Choi Uen-shan and Cobie ...
Mabel Sieh gets to grips with Pilates at Options Studio, Central, with the help of instructor David Claase.
After my less-than-10-minutes of fame on Young Post's YouTube Olympic series, I decided to continue my sporting stardom with Pilates.
Geoffrey Leung (left) and Alvin Ng.
It takes only around a minute to complete a 1,200m race, but jockeys train for years to achieve that time. Jockeys Geoffrey Leung and Alvin Ng can tell you ...