The 19-year-old national team member first fell in love with the mini bowling game at the family-friendly arcade chain
Alvin Yuen is causing a racket in the squash world.
Hong Kong has a strong profile in women's squash, while the men are unfairly seen as "not as good". But in years to come, Alvin Yuen Tsun-hei may be the guy to bring men's squash to a new level.
A capriole is a jump where the stallions leap into the air, tuck their forelegs under them and extend their back legs. Here is one performed during a rehearsal for a show of the Spanish Riding School at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Lipizzaners are famous horses from Austria. They are kept at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, famous for its very high standard of dressage. These powerful stallions are born black but turn white as they age. As they get stronger they are able to perform difficult moves.
Max Verstappen racing in the Macau Grand Prix
The crowd cheers as you rev your engine. The light turns green, you put the pedal to the metal and take off like a shot, leaving your competitors in the dust.
Sean (left) and Nick Yip have been training in triathlons since they were just six years old.
Triathlons are a challenge is too much for many grown men and women. But it hasn't put off Nick Yip Tak-long, aged 10, and his brother Sean Yip Tsz-hin, eight. They've been training for triathlons since they were just six years old.
Wu Kin-san, who competed in the Beijing Olympics in 2008, said he just had to come for this.
The venue is called "Fly the Flyover": imagine a velodrome beneath a flyover in Kwun Tong, where music, multicoloured lights and more than 800 passionate spectators turned a sporting event into a party.
Toyz hopes to be world champ again, this time as the captain of HK Esports.
Former World Champion of League of Legends (LOL), 22-year-old Kurtis Lau Wai-kin retired two years ago at a young age. He decided to return to action and formed the HK Esports LOL team.
Adderly Fong can handle fast cars and high pressure.
Adderly Fong is a cool guy. That's not just because he made history last month by becoming the first Hongkonger to test drive a Formula One car. He's also extremely cool-headed, which comes in handy both on and off the track.

Racing against race car driver Adderly Fong

Last month, Adderly Fong became the first Hongkonger to test drive a Formula One race car. We wanted to see just how good he is so we sent Melanie to challenge him to a race ... at a video game arcade.
Raag Kapur was named the best batsman at the tournament.
To say the Hong Kong boys' cricket team merely beat Iran in the semi-finals of the ACC U16 Elite Cup in Doha, Qatar, would be an understatement.
Ryan Choi (left) springs into action at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, where he won the silver medal.
Since it was established in the 1950s, the La Salle College fencing team has had its share of ups and downs. But it has kept going, thanks to a team spirit and a special mentor