The team earlier finished second in Group G of the preliminary round before defeating the tall, powerfully-built Inner Mongolia team.
CIS player Tynan Eurwongpravit goes up for a long pass.
Like a war cry, "ultimate!" rings out across the field as a disc is flung into the air, and two teams of seven thunder towards each other. A game of ultimate frisbee has begun.
YP cadets (L-R) Snehaa Senthamilselvan Easwari, Millie Dang and Pallas Yiu gets a little jumpy at Bounce.
Gravity bringing you down? Then head on over to Hong Kong’s newest trampoline park for an uplifting experience.
Giacomo Lamplough in action for HKCC in the HKCA Premier League.
Development squad member Giacomo Lamplough will join Hong Kong’s ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier 2015 touring squad, replacing Waqas Barkat.
Photo: AFP
YP cadets Diva Saha and Nitika Chandiramani search for China's finest athletes. These men and women excel in their field and are quite a treat for the eyes, too!
Rory (left) and Toby Meek will take part in the World BMX Championship in Belgium later this month.
Two brothers are dominating the BMX scene both in Hong Kong and internationally.
Matthew Tan (centre) hopes to represent Hong Kong at a professional level.
It takes hours of hard training to become the best in a sport. But just imagine how much more it takes to become the best in three sports.
Students from TWGHs S.C. Gaw Memorial College take to the floor in Blackpool, England.
For 12 students from TWGHs S.C. Gaw Memorial College (SCGMC), the prestigious 90th Blackpool Dance Festival was a great success. Leaving the stages of England behind, they returned to Hong Kong with one big award.
A strong work ethic is a big part of Lakers' star Jordan Clarkson's success.
Jordan Clarkson of the LA Lakers is not what you would expect from an up-and-coming pro basketball player. Having breakfast in the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel, dressed in casual sportswear, he looks like someone you would run into on the street.
Nimra and Emma have both fallen in love with the game.
It was a tight battle at the CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School Inter-house Girls' Cricket Competition.
Tara Clements takes part in the dressage competition of the Inter-School Equestrian Challenge.
When preparing for a sports competition, it's important to make sure the equipment is in order. But what if your "equipment" was in a bad mood the day of the competition, or if it didn't like the weather that day?